Exceptionally high and low volume stocks yesterday

We found ten stocks that traded with exceptionally high volume yesterday compared to the past year, and an additional ten stocks that had exceptionally low volume.

Here is the list for you, along with the percentage changes:

High Volume Stocks

Here are the 10 stocks with largest volume vs. last year’s average volume. They all traded 7.5 to 37.4 times more shares yesterday than normally traded in a day.

​Are these stocks in play? High volume could also mean changes in positions of institutional and high net work individuals.

1 CSII Cardiovascular Systems Inc. 3739.9%
2 GMED Globus Medical Inc 2144.5%
3 LIFE Atyr Pharma Inc 1524.8%
4 NUVA Nuvasive Inc 1376.1%
5 EIGR Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Inc 1289.7%
6 SUMO Sumo Logic Inc 1113.7%
7 BLBD Blue Bird Corp 1100.0%
8 AI C3.ai Inc 849.4%
9 IFF International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. 784.9%
10 AZTA Azenta Inc 783.4%

Low Volume Stocks

Here are the 10 stocks with smallest volume vs. last year’s average volume. They did not trade very much yesterday, under 10% of last year’s average daily volume. Are these stocks out of sight, out of mind?

0 HUSA Houston American Energy Corp 2.5%
1 TRHC Tabula Rasa HealthCare Inc 3.0%
2 LGVN Longeveron Inc 3.4%
3 SST System1 Inc 5.2%
4 TXMD TherapeuticsMD Inc 5.7%
5 IVVD Invivyd Inc 6.2%
6 CVM Cel-Sci Corp. 7.6%
7 CASA Casa Systems Inc 7.9%
8 USEG U.S. Energy Corp. 8.8%
9 ADN Advent Technologies Holdings Inc 9.6%

This matters because these stocks are either being forgotten and possibly overlooked, or they are in the limelight and potentially in play with significant changes in who holds them.

Jeffrey Cohen is the President of US Advanced Computing Infrastructure, an Illinois Registered Investment Advisor located in Highland Park, Illinois. For more information, and to read our brochure, please visit our website at www.chicagoquantum.com.



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Jeffrey Cohen, President, US Advanced Computing Infrastructure, Inc., d.b.a. Chicago Quantum (SM).