Do you have Skillz $SKLZ?

We spent an hour today live-streaming our analysis of Skillz, ticker: $SKLZ, and bought 1,000 shares during the video.

Here is the livestream link.

Here are the top 15 observations we have on Skills Inc. based on publicly available information that is easy to find via Google searches.

Update: Oct 6 10:51:40 The stock is up slightly today, and we looked at the market for call options. There are very few call options on offer at the ask for the next year. For example, we see between 5 and 15 contracts for nearby at the money or out of the money options ($4.00 and $5.00) from October through May 2024.

1. The stock losses over the past month appear to be from low-volume selling, and not really from trading. The day’s lows don’t recover, or fade, into the close.

2. The company trades at 1/3 of the equity shareholder book value ($84M vs. ~$250M).

3. CEO made a statement about Q2 2023 objectives. We see evidence they are on track to achieve them.

4. There are new games on Skillz’ platform such as from Bowlero, NFL, and others. We see few reviews per game.

5. Aarki (their subsidiary consulting firm) is getting $5 million in new investment and employees can earn 20% of the subsidiary shares in their performance plan. That business is helping mobile android game developers navigate the new Google Privacy Sandbox method.

6. This stock keeps falling. It traded at almost $1,000 and is down from $250/share to $4/share since December 2021.

7. There is significant short interest, which are shares of stock borrowed and sold, to be purchased later. The most recent public data suggests there could be up to 2M Class A shares out of 17.0M not owned by the CEO.

8. Every one of the past 10 trading days saw short selling > buying, in a term called short volume. 50% would be a balance of short and long. The past two days saw 74% and 62% short volume.

9. In Stocktwits, an anonymous chat-room, this symbol has extreme fear (bearish) and extremely high message volume (loud).

10. Their Daily Challenges (new feature) is boosting player engagement (source: CEO in Q2 2023 earnings call). They are creating leagues and instant challenges too. We noticed they are integrated with Unity, which is the leader in creating beautiful, 3D games.



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